confessions of a nail polish addict.

holy macaroni, I've never realized I had so many nail polishes. It has definitely developed into an addiction. Especially the glitter/glitz shit; I'm such a sucker for all kinds of glitter polishes. It's funny 'cause sometimes I'm only using 3782827 shades of one colour for weeks until I'm bored. And every successful shopping trip ends by coming home with at least one new nail polish. Hell yes, you can call me crazy!


I get wasted.....don't care WHERE

You'll never find me.....sober on weekends

If Berlin would be a garment, it would be.....a leather suit

Berlin sound.....

what's worse: waste seperation or German punctuality.....waste seperation

Who does normally look better: the bus drivers or the taxi drivers in Berlin?
I don't know, taxi drivers , every time I use a taxi I'm not amenable and bus drivers are always ugly and f**** unfriendly.

ten years from now.....I will have 10 babies, a lovely sexy man, 5 other lovely men, my own porn production company

hate about poo under my shoes

coffee or tea.....tea

Berlin Boys.


I'm definitely not the one who is constantly analizing model boards or is checking the latest faces of the season, but those Berlin boys have got it all. From new face to money boy, from Prada to Calvin Klein- they have enormous potential. Maik, Tim and Niclas are fresh faces on the market. Fritz has walked for Prada exclusive in Milan this June, Buck for Dior, Givenchy and Kris Van Assche in Paris. And Paul Koehler is a name you should better remember. This 19 year-old stunner has risen like a rocket, after walking for Calvin Klein exclusive and Mugler in Paris. I can say, without reservation, he's going to make it big! Am I only the one seeing the next Sean O'Pry here?
And drumroll please.....the fantastic six from Berlin: Maik, Fritz, Paul, Tim, Niclas and Buck.
represented by VIVAmodels Berlin
photos via

Saint Laurent S/S 2013.

BEAUTIFUL. bohemian. 70's. Gucci f/w 2008 inspiration. cool. effortless. floor-sweeping caftans. skinny suits. black. very Kate Moss. hats. LA. fringes. bows. gypsy. youthful. great tailoring. western meets parisian chic. transparent blouses. strong 'n' soft. thank you Hedi.
photos via tfs