Dior S/S 2013.

I can imagine John Galliano sitting somewhere and cursing about the whole collection. Raf Simons definitely moved Dior in a new direction- a dramaless one, but was Dior not always about drama and fairytale?!

The heaviness and the flamboyant tone, that was distinctive for Galliano and Dior, has vanished. All the bright colours, the glitz&glamour, the opulance, those ackward poses on the catwalk and heavy make-up- GONE! I've never been a fan of the Galliano-era, but I've to admit it made Dior recognizable. No show in Paris had so much kitsch and fuss going on than Dior. With all due respect to Raf Simons and his minimalistic vision, those shapes and volumes are so not Dior. Those shiny fabrics looked so plain and unflattering. Some looks were badly styled and felt wrong.

I'm already excited about what direction Raf's journey through Dior's archieve will take. “When I am married to a house, I will fully embrace its original intention, its original heritage and meaning.”, Raf Simons said a few months ago. For now, I don't feel that this collection represents the Dior DNA very well.
photos via tumblr

photography by Ellen Haese

It's not a secret that I love black & white photography. Ellen Haese shoots only in black & white. That's maybe one reason why I fell in love with her work, but maybe it's the subtlety, melancholy and COS-alike aesthetic, that her photos portray.

Three years ago the Berlin based photographer started to take images. "My main focus in my photographs is on people. The human being in his natural environment shaped by social interactions. Whether my photos are posed or snapshots taken on the street my main point is to take the photograph in the moment when the people feel most unobserved by the camera.
I strongly believe that everyone has got a story to tell and all these stories are what I try to catch and portray in my pictures. The people in my photographs are “A piece of grand humanity!” as Kurt Tucholsky writes in his poem “Augen in der Großstadt”.

But why black and white? What is so fascinating about it? Helmut Newton once said: “What does color show us that couldn’t be equally portrayed in a black and white shot?” "Let me share my insight on this question with you, especially with those of you who ask themselves why I only take black and white photographs. The black white contrasts, the combination of light and shadow and the contrast of hard and smooth lines and diagonals that structure my pictures make them become alive. I can enhance and highlight these unique features better in a black and white photograph than in a color photo! Colors would only be a distraction".

Thanks Ellen for time and introducing me to your beautiful work.

1+2 Charlotte Schmidt; Kennet Stumpe (Dopamin); Philipp Braunert (Quantum7) / 3 Sophie Bäumer & Mario Oltersdorf (Indeed Models) / 4 + 5 Lisa Krauß / 6 Philipp Braunert (Quantum7) & Christian Feuerbacher



I GET WASTED........every weekend

FAV ACTIVITY UNDER THE WEEK..... go for a walk with my 3 dogs @ krumme lanke or schlachtensee
BERLIN DRINK.......GIMLET in the evening and diskoschorle (just champagne + vodka) at nighttime
BEST NIGHT EVER HAD...... difficult to say, had too many awesome nights :)smile
FUCKING HATE ABOUT BERLIN..... hipsters everywhere

 DANCE MY FEET OFF...... in front of function-one loudspeakers @ Berghain

AT 3 A.M. ....... king size bar

BERLIN SOUND......http://vimeo.com/30676670

BERLIN FOOD PORN...... definitely my kitchen and grill royal


photo via yvanrodic.com/instagram

monthly rage #2.


Who the hell wants to drink Gaga tea?! Right, no one. I still prefer my green tea without the extra "gaganess". I don't even want to know how Gaga tastes!! Sure, if you can earn money, why not with your own tea mixture. But how desperate is that?!

"La vie est belle" First of all what a cheesy and trivial name for a fragrance, but still not the worst! Watch the new Lancome video with Julia Roberts! Photoshop has done its work, but the storyline, if there is even one, is so lame and obvious.

Fact Numero Uno: Madame Dello Russo is 50 years old. Ok, that's probably not the point. Fact number two: she has a great eye for accessories. But what the hell is that?! This video is THE quintessence of tackiness and trashiness! I thought Jimmy Choo for H&M was tacky and looked cheap, but that video tops everything!

last week.

since I don't have an Iphone and I'm not using a hipstergram app or whatever that thing is called, I'm gonna do it the oldschool way ;) That's my last week in NORMAL photos.
summer open-air / new bra from H&M / necklace from Gina Tricot/ crochet details H&M tee


“It’s never perfect, built it’s as good as I could get within the time. I let it go, and I’m okay with what I’ve let go of…. Perfection is a sin."  - Marc Jacobs