monthly rage #1

I think I just created a new section here on my blog. And drummmmmrooooolllll pleazzeee.....
MONTHLY RAGE. I'm going to give vent to my fury! YAY! I just want to share what really annoys me in the world of fashion and whatever. So lets get started.

Numero Uno would be Alexa Chung. I can't see her fu**ing face in another nice and cute and oh so sweet, vintage inspired- I'm-wearing-grandmas-cardigan-but-pssssst-don't-tell-anyone-LOOKBOOK anymore.

What would be an monthly outburst of anger without my favourite (I'm trying to be funny) designer Karl Lagerfeld. Seriously Karl?! Now, Choupette, your cat in I-D and Harper's Bazaar. Oh, I see!!! Is that a sign for a new project? Maybe designing packages for cat milk or maybe some super tight and sexy leather gloves pour Choupette. Oh jeeeze.

How lame is the German Vogue cover for the September 2012 issue? The dress is ok, but Salma Hayek's face looks so booooring. No expression. Nada. Nothing. Oh no, wait, it's the I'm-trying-to-be-effortlessly-sexy-look! Salma, sorry, but you look dead in that pose. Just not worth talking.

photos via daily alexa chung tumblr, and stylefrizz

five minutes with photographer Kenneth Schultze-Petzold

What makes us beautiful? Is it something in face, the lips, the personality or an indefinable factor? People tend to criticize their physical appearance. But what do photographers think? I caught up with Kenneth Schultze-Petzold the man behind KennethSPhotografie.

The beginning of his passion for photography may sound cheesy: At the age of 12 while taking a photo of a dragonfly he had that magical experience. Sure, we all had that one in our lives?! When we realized for the first time we are really passionate about something. What followed were assistent jobs. After sucessfully passing the A-levels, he's now ready to start his own projects.

Is photography a constant search for beauty and perfection?
In the future I would like to work as a fashion and beauty photographer. So, I would say yes, but I'm also intersted in capturing the ugly things in life. Pain, grief and misery. Not for me, but for those who tend to overlook it.

When you are taking photos, does the closeness & distance relationship dissolve or not?
No, not at all. The distance remains because I have to look through a viewfinder. I can zoom in, but there will always be something between me and the object.

With whom would you like to shoot?
Christian Schuller and Paul Ripke. (both photographers)

Any celebrities, musicians, athletes?
Not personalities in that sense, but people who experienced a lot in life. People who have accomplished something. Their faces should mirror the experiences they went through. I'm not about to photograph the most amazing and famous people, but the most remarkable ones. But if you want a more exact answer: I would like to shoot Florence and the Machine and Wankelmut. Not particular model wishes.

Photography is all about the light? Do you prefer to shoot in a studio or outside in the daylight?
I prefer the studio. I like to be true master of light. Outside you can't be the master of light :)

more photos here and there

lookbook: MSGM f/w 2012

I just recently discovered the Italian brand MSGM and fell instantly in love with their F/W 2012 collection. I really like the mixing that is going on here. Firework prints, different fabrics and refreshing colours- that's how fashion for the-not-so-sunny-days should look like, right?!