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interview with designer Sophie Schmuckermeier

With Berlin Fashion Week around the corner, let’s take a look what the young creatives are doing in this country. Sophie Schmuckermeier is one of them. The Munich born and now based in Berlin presented her graduation collection "I WON'T DO YOU NO HARMony" at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Berlin last week which was a huge success. I was able to ask her a few questions about her inspirations, fashion and the future.

EF: So let’s start with an obligatory question. Where did the inspiration come from, for your graduation collection?

SS: Last summer I talked with Gustavo Policarpo who is an jewellery designer and he told me that he would really love to make asymmetric necklines. But the problem is that the people don't buy them. So I started to think about symmetry and aesthetic or generally about our how visual perception operates and why we tend to consider some things as beautiful and others not...

EF: Tell me something about the silhouettes, shapes, fabrics and colours.

SS: Most looks are pretty slim and tailored, but I also have some voluminous draped tops. I used a lot of silk and cotton with selfmade prints but also synthetic fabrics, 'cause I think therein lies the future of fashion. You have way more options with synthetics than with ordinary fabrics and even if it sounds strange, but they are actually even more ecological!

EF: When did you become interested in fashion?

SS: Oh my interest in fashion started pretty early. I think i sewed my first look at the age of 9... by hand!

EF: What influences your designs? Music, art, travelling, Berlin?

SS: I would say I get most of my inspirations from living in Berlin. It's such an exiting city and the way people live and think here had a big influence on who I've become. But the way I work is pretty conceptional. Usually it's not a movie or a picture which turns into a collection, but a philosophical thought.

EF: What defines good fashion design for you?

SS: I question that myself pretty often and I always find new answers.. haha. Well at the moment I would say: Good fashion design captures the spirit of the moment.

EF: Cathy Horyn once said: "the irony in fashion is that it loves change but it can’t actually change anything." do you feel the same?

SS: Yes, that's definitely true. As an designer I'm an entertainer for the people who name shopping their favorite hobby. So fashion should be fun... it's more about making people happy, but not try to educate them!

EF: Internships, starting something on your own or something completely different. What’s next?

The next step will be to expand my blog DARK LIGHT COLOR and then I am going to start a pretty nice online-startup company on my own. But that is still a secret... the only thing I can tell you about it, is that you will love it!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you lots of luck, happiness and love. Visit Sophie here.

interview done by me/ photos via Sophie Schmuckermeier

friday, i'm in love

Wanna know what I love about fridays?!Nothing feels so good and freeing than friday. The stress of the week gradually drops off and what's left is the feeling of being alive and being able to achieve everything. Happy Friday, everyone.
first photo Kate Moss & Johny Depp by Annie Leibovitz
photos via tumblr and milk.freshnet


it's all about lips! Wintertime is probably the worst time for the lips. The natural oily layer, that is usually on our lips is lacking. Cracked and dry lips are the result, followed by licking and biting your lips. Protect them by using lip salve!

male crush: Bradley Soileau

Sure you all know him. Fuck yeah, he's the tattooed kid from Lana Del Rey's hot video for her single "Born To Die". Bradley Soileau is with RED New York. 2012 will definitely be his year.

"My aspiration was to be an archeologist. Then I wanted to be a journalist. Then I got into hardcore, got a bunch of tattoos, and got into trouble. After that, I just wanted to be something. I moved to NYC to learn to produce hip hop, and then I learned to DJ. That’s my true goal — I wanna be a pop producer. I never once thought I’d be a model." read more here

"So it’s amazing what someone looks like once they are backed by money, compared to what they look like when they are broke. If you look at me in real life, and you look at me in a model picture, I look like a different person. And I’ve had no plastic surgery. People obsess about the wrong things." read more here

"They were just like, "Make out with her and just be [you]." I said okay, I can do both of those things, I’ve done both in real life." read more here

photos via tumblr and tfs