photography by Ellen Haese

It's not a secret that I love black & white photography. Ellen Haese shoots only in black & white. That's maybe one reason why I fell in love with her work, but maybe it's the subtlety, melancholy and COS-alike aesthetic, that her photos portray.

Three years ago the Berlin based photographer started to take images. "My main focus in my photographs is on people. The human being in his natural environment shaped by social interactions. Whether my photos are posed or snapshots taken on the street my main point is to take the photograph in the moment when the people feel most unobserved by the camera.
I strongly believe that everyone has got a story to tell and all these stories are what I try to catch and portray in my pictures. The people in my photographs are “A piece of grand humanity!” as Kurt Tucholsky writes in his poem “Augen in der Großstadt”.

But why black and white? What is so fascinating about it? Helmut Newton once said: “What does color show us that couldn’t be equally portrayed in a black and white shot?” "Let me share my insight on this question with you, especially with those of you who ask themselves why I only take black and white photographs. The black white contrasts, the combination of light and shadow and the contrast of hard and smooth lines and diagonals that structure my pictures make them become alive. I can enhance and highlight these unique features better in a black and white photograph than in a color photo! Colors would only be a distraction".

Thanks Ellen for time and introducing me to your beautiful work.

1+2 Charlotte Schmidt; Kennet Stumpe (Dopamin); Philipp Braunert (Quantum7) / 3 Sophie Bäumer & Mario Oltersdorf (Indeed Models) / 4 + 5 Lisa Krauß / 6 Philipp Braunert (Quantum7) & Christian Feuerbacher

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