Dior S/S 2013.

I can imagine John Galliano sitting somewhere and cursing about the whole collection. Raf Simons definitely moved Dior in a new direction- a dramaless one, but was Dior not always about drama and fairytale?!

The heaviness and the flamboyant tone, that was distinctive for Galliano and Dior, has vanished. All the bright colours, the glitz&glamour, the opulance, those ackward poses on the catwalk and heavy make-up- GONE! I've never been a fan of the Galliano-era, but I've to admit it made Dior recognizable. No show in Paris had so much kitsch and fuss going on than Dior. With all due respect to Raf Simons and his minimalistic vision, those shapes and volumes are so not Dior. Those shiny fabrics looked so plain and unflattering. Some looks were badly styled and felt wrong.

I'm already excited about what direction Raf's journey through Dior's archieve will take. “When I am married to a house, I will fully embrace its original intention, its original heritage and meaning.”, Raf Simons said a few months ago. For now, I don't feel that this collection represents the Dior DNA very well.
photos via tumblr

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