happy 2012.

Aloha to all my readers around the globe, it's time to switch from 2011 to 2012. The end of the year was very exciting and surprising and hopefully that great feeling will continue in 2012. I have to say no matter how afraid I am of the future, I'm ready to face it. Happy New Year!

photos via tumblr/ columbinesmille

Will blogs/online media replace print media?

Let’s take a journey through time, back to the beginning of this decade. Only journalists were invited to the White House, were sitting front row at fashion shows and attended press conferences. Nowadays bloggers are sitting in the White House and are getting into investigative journalism, like for example Wikileaks and the blogger who revealed that Helene Hegemann’s novel "Axolotl Roadkill" was written by using the "copy-and-paste" function.

Blogs have an immense impact on journalism, as the past has already shown. Conservative print media as they used to be ten years ago don’t and won’t exist anymore, because of the fast access the blogs have. Print media lose their power. Especially in the time of electronic gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, people are able to read news and books by using applications on their way to school and work. A lot of young kids only get the news, by looking it online. Online is the future. Newspapers have to move from print to online and define a new business model, for example with a paid subscription model for online readers.

Everyone can easily start a blog. When blogging, you don’t need to pay for it, don’t need to study journalism and even knowledge in HTML is not needed. The identity can remain hidden, so there aren’t any consequences.

I started my blog October 2008. 2006 was the time when blogs started to establish in the fashion community. Blog began to pop up like mushrooms after rain. Everyone was now able to reach thousands of readers. Print magazines, like Forbes started to see bloggers as enemies. Journalists were afraid of bloggers and the tremendous impact they have. Some newspapers wrote articles that bloggers are not qualified and aren’t publishing qualitative content. But blogs and online magazines are faster. I read daily about ten to fifteen blogs online and I don’t feel the need to buy magazines anymore.

Daily newspapers like the NY Times, Zeit and many others provide news for free to readers and try to expand their online content. Though there was a huge movement from print to online, I don’t think that printed magazines and newspapers will disappear and will be replaced by digital media.

The press and publishing sector slightly loses its ground, because of competitive constraints, but could newspapers "die"? I would say no, at least not in the next decades. Change is the key word.

written by me/ photo via tumblr

happy holidays.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a short trip to my grandparents and will be back next week. Hope everyone will have an amazing Christmas time filled with laughter, joy and love. It's the right time to say THANK YOU to all my readers, followers and those who comment on Electric Feel. I'm grateful for everyone's support. Follow Electric Feel on facebook

photography by Alix Malka

Dear Santa. please.....dec. 20

dec. 20- Valentino Girello bag
feminine and delicate. spring awakening. white lace and leather with golden hardware. from the S/S 2012 Resort collection

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 19

dec. 19- Amy Winehouse's Lioness: Hidden Treasures
I already bought the album for my dad as a x-mas present. I think he's gonna love it.
It's a collection of new songs, previously unreleased tracks and alternate versions of existing

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 18

dec. 18- models own Beetlejuice collection
shimmering duo chrome finish for your nails, inspired by the wings of a beetle. my faves: Pinky Brown and Purple Blue.

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 17

dec. 17- Linden Leaves body oils
I was lucky enough to be able to test Linden Leaves body oils and I have to say I'm impressed. These bottles look like treasures, filled with aromotic essences, in my bathroom. The oils are from the aromatherapy synergy range that comes in four different moods: in love again, memories, absolute dreams and pick me up. My absolute favourite is in love again. Organic rosehip and avocado oils, blends of vanilla, neroli and sandalwood and real tamrillo and strawberry leave your skin baby soft and smooth. The oils can also be used for massages or for a relaxing bath that will activate all your senses.
Thanks to Linden Leaves Germany for the pre-Christmas gifts!

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 16

dec. 16- Let me be hair care
keeps your hair moisturized, volumized and soft. fruity scents make daily shampooing an unforgettable experience.

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 15

dec. 15- Charlotte Olympia Pandora feather clutch
eye-catching and glamorous. The lucite box comes in two colours: black and orange. For "only" US$995 it can be yours :)

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 14

dec. 14- Ladurée macarons
Sweeten the Holiday season with these tempteations:
The Raisin-Cinnamon Macaron and the new Chestnut & Pear Macaron with chestnut cream, a pear confit and little splinters of chestnut. mhhhh delicious


two really hot covers:

Elle Czech January 2012 Denisa Dvorakova by Tesh

Elle South Africa January 2012 Katryn Kruger

photos via fashioncopious

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 12

add a fabulous metallic pouch to your party look. crafted from iridescent gold leather
that changes colour with every turn.

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 08

six new fragrances from our favourite Italian duo. choose from Velvet Vetiver, Velvet Patchouli,
Velvet Wood, Velvet Desire, Velvet Sublime and Velvet Love.
photos via D&G's Facebook page, T Style Magazine

god bless Jamie XX.

As far as I remember the Florence + The Machine "You've Got The Love" remix was the first time I got in touch with Jamie XX's music. Rest is history. I think he's a genius. The way he's taking the essence of a song and then creating something so magical and contemporary is refreshing and catchy. I've had his fu**ing rad two hour mix on BBC Essentials playing on repeat for some time now. Dear Santa, bring me Jamie XX for a gig to Berlin ;)
more tracks here, here and here

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 07

dec. 07- In The Mood nail polish
In The Mood nail polish changes colour based on your body temperature, your mood, the heat of your cup of coffee, or even while you're holding an ice cold lemonade. Crazy?! Not at all!

Malgosia Bela for Hugo Boss Black s/s 2012.

Finally, spring/summer 2012 ad campaigns start to pop up on the internet.
Malgosia Bela is rocking the Hugo Boss ad in a pinkish dress, a yellow clutch and sunnies.
Summer, I'm cooooooming!
found on fashioncopious, photos via tfs

Dear Santa, please.....dec.06

dec.06- 8bar bike
I can't imagine a life without my bike. Cycling gives you a great feeling of joy, independance and happiness. The wind is blowing in your face and you can breath the fresh air. I just recently discovered 8bar- a Berlin based bicycle company. Their concept is fantastic. The customer is able to mix & match colours and parts to create a unique bike.

photos via 8bar bikes

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 04

dec. 04- Polaroid Book by Taschen/ The Hungover Cookbook/ Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent/
Dirty Jokes/ Erieta Attali: In Extremis: Landscape into Architecture
How about books for your beloved ones?! Books, not only famous bestsellers,
but the ones that inspire, make people laugh and help to escape to exotic unknown locales.

Dear Santa, please.....dec. 03

Givenchy clutch
dec. 03- Givenchy clutch
colourful. bright. cheerful. a dash of colour to spike up your daily outfits. the perfect companion for cold grey winter days.

Zara Evening lookbook 2011.

black and white. simple and clean cuts. minimalistic touches. effortless.
menswear inspired looks. featuring the beautiful Kasia Struss. see more here
photos via fashiongonerouge.com