Tonight it's all about dancin in the moonlight and sipping drinks with the beloved ones.
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eye on: Versace Resort 2012

Is it just me thinking that Versace is getting better in Resort and Pre-Fall collections than in their main line lately?! The f/w 2011 show has been a huge disappointment in my opinion. Although you can see clearly Christopher Kane's touch in this line, I do like the details, colours and shapes. And Daphne fits the collection perfectly.
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damn this town is way too overcrowded with tourists these days! And people are driving like crazy here in Berlin, especially when you go somewhere by bike, you realize how badly they drive. Just last week I got hit by a car door while riding. Nothing serious happened, but it was an unpleasent experience.
So, today I went to my favourite bookstore Dussmann and bought James Franco's Palo Alto and and a tee at the weekday store. FUCKYEAH, I love summer sale!
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daily beauty routine.

Brush the teeth.
Cleanse and moisturise the face.
A slick of mascara and dash of gloss.
And a few squirts of your favourite parfum.
+ I never leave the house without my nails polished.


"A really great talent finds its happiness in execution." Goethe

Her unique voice and music will be greatly missed!
rest in peace, amy!

lunch bag.

It's lunch time, ladies and gentlemen! Picnic, the perfect carry-all bag for day and night.
Made of soft leather it rolls at the top and closes with a magnet.
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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest;
Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

by Confucius

Mischa, you look good.

Mrs Mischa Barton has always her fashion ups and down, but I'll never give up on her and I still think she's gonna make it one day by getting a great role, like the one of Marissa Copper in the OC, one of my favourite series! Just when I thought she couldn't surprise me with an amazing outfit, she does it again. Thank you, Mischa!
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new discovery at the newsstand: Hype Magazine. The german mag, based in Munich, combines the best of fashion, music, art, lifestyle and beauty. Creatively designed and tasteful editorial pages make the young magazine interesting both visually and content-wise.
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