I dressed Tallulah Morton during Berlin Fashion Week s/s 2011. Her handcuff necklace
caught my eyes since then. I bought now a cheap version of it but I still want hers.

on my list.

alexander wang tee/ arrondissememt Aq1 necklace/18k white gold cocktail ring with smoky topaz, white & brown diamonds

Stella McCartney f/w 2011 ad campaign.

It's always a pleasure to take a look at Stella McCartney's ad campaigns. Usually we see models in stiff poses, pretending to be someone. But Stella's ad's are full of joy and very casual. Again, she uses illustration in her f/w ad (can you recall when Bambi and a lot of his friends from the woods were invited to join in?).
photo via fashioncopious


summer means for me funky nails. thanks katha for giving me these beauties!

Mijn zomarvakanties waren geweldig!

i'm back. with my sun tanned skin. new conections. some phrases of dutch, i've learned from some drunken dutch guys. new experiences. and just one year older! I hope I can post something fashion- related in the next few days, but now I need to
sleep, chill and calm down!


Hey folks! It’s time to say good-bye for a short time. I’m gonna spend some time in the south
of Europe and I won't have any access to the internet.

Wish you all a great summertime and take care!


holy macaroni...i got a Nikon D3000! Now I'm happy like a kid and take tons of pictures like a lunatic! Anyway, I just wanted to show you my new lipstick from Lancome, I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I love the colour and texture! btw I'm reading "This book will save your life", written by a. m. homes.
photos taken by me

kate lanphear's stuff

Then one day in a vintage shop I found a pair of skinny acid-wash jeans. It was like, Ahhh!- a halo was shining around them. I wore them every day. When I got my first big break, I thought, "Screw it, I’m wearing the jeans to the interview with the editor in chief." I wanted to see what would happen if I was real. I remember telling her, "I’m not your typical fashion editor. I work hard and I know my stuff, but you should know, I’ll be the one wearing acid-wash jeans." I got the job. -Kate Lanphear
photo via tumblr