Piet Oudolf.

“I think it’s the journey in your life to find out what real beauty is, of course, but also discover Beauty in things that are at first sight not beautiful." - Piet Oudolf, dutch garden designer
a fundraising teaser for the coming documentary “Piet Oudolf: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall” by Tom Piper

April 2014 playlist.

1. I totally forgot about Blondie until I saw the new H&M ad with Miranda Kerr on tv.
2. Posted by the guys from Mit Vergnügen I am sharing Kiesza's Hideaway now too. Great spring tune.
3. Let yourself go!
4. The duo Animal Trainer from Zurich is back in the game with a new album released on Stil Vor Talent. Hello open-air-feeling!
5. Another fresh release from the Stil Vor Talent hit laboratory: Björn Storig's "Hold" EP with the great track "Do Say Be"!
6. Berlin-based duo Booka Shade released a new single "Crossing Borders" feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner. Kolombo did a great remix.
7. .............and last but not least by far the BEST discovery this month: POOLSIDE FM

product of the week: Decleor Aroma Purete

1. apply a layer on a clean face
2. let the mask sit
3. dampen the mask with tepid water and 
exfoliate the skin with circular movements 

Language in women's magazines.

Language in women's magazines has become flat. Sequins are "over-the-top", men are "bar-chested hunks" and the new H&M collection is "to-die-for". French philosopher Roland Barthes noticed: "When there is a rhetoric of clothing, this rhetoric is always poor".

Especially in times of declining readership, magazines are dependent on their advertisers. Fashion journalism lacks quality, because journalists want to keep their advertisers happy and therefore promote their products in articles and editorials. It’s not a secret that lines are blurred between what journalists are writing for the reader and what they are writing to please their sponsors and advertisers. Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, said once in an interview: "Although there is this feeling sometimes that creatively it's not pure, well - magazines are a business, you're not sitting there writing poetry".

The language fashion journalists use has changed from being rather austere and unemotional to certainly sometimes peculiar. That’s a general observation, but doesn’t have to speak for the entire industry. With 2,020 pages of advertisements in the British edition of Vogue last year - which make 60 per cent of the whole magazine and £32 million of their revenue- it’s an undeniable fact that fashion journalism is much closer and dependent on advertising than the usual newspaper journalism is. 


Recently, I have read somewhere that "Berliners" prefer to go out to dinner with friends and have a drink at a bar afterwards instead of going clubbing. Guess nothing's wrong with that or are we just all getting old?! Berlin's culinary scene has much to offer, so why not have a night out enjoying delicious dishes. Chipps is a restaurant in Berlin Mitte, but off the beaten tourist path. The atmosphere inside is how the German would say: "gemütlich" with an open kitchen. Chipps serves vegetarian dishes with a focus on regional products. Stop by if you happen to be around and you won't regret it!

Chipps, Jägerstraße 35, 10117 Berlin


With the first rays of spring sun comeback season has just started with the one and only Nadja Auermann and Polish beauty Anna Jagodzinska. Nadja covers the April issue of Russian Harper's Bazaar and Anna is on the cover of Glamour Poland shot by Mateusz Stankiewiecz.

photos via tfs


because sometimes images are more powerful than words. Recently, I've become interested in the history of Tibetan refugees. You can watch a documentary here. Photos are taken by Steve McCurry.

spring awakening.

keepin' it p-r-e-t-t-y simple this time: increase the skin's hydration with Clinique's Moisture Surge Intense , cover up your eye circles with Vincent Longo's Concealer, for a light and radiant coverage use MAC's Face & Body Foundation, apply a gloss (Benefit's california kissin') and highlight the cheeks with Benefit's Dallas pressed powder! Et voila, you ready for the day!