October 2014 playlist.

1. Verrückte Welt. Paris klingt wie Bowie.
2. Ein bisschen Selbstliebe muss auch mal sein.
3. Sommer 2014. Technoparade in Paris - Erinnerungen kommen hoch.
4. Nägel lackieren mit Little Nikki.
5. Im Hugo Tracks Podcast entdeckt: Brynjolfur - Steezy.
6. Pariser Herbstwetter mit The National.

up and coming: Elena Peter (Miha Model Management)

Die New York Fashion Week setzt als erste Station des Fashion Week-Marathons in Sachen Modelcasting Maßstäbe. Den Namen Elena Peter sollte man sich also im Hinterkopf behalten, denn die Achtzehnjährige eröffnete und schloss die Calvin Klein Show letzte Woche. Viel Bildmaterial hat sie noch nicht, aber mit einem solchen Debüt ist der Grundstein für eine internationale Karriere wohl gelegt. Hoffentlich sieht man bald mehr von der kühlen, blonden Schönheit.

Elena Peter, 179 cm, 82/62/87


Seit 2008 blogge ich hier, mal weniger und mal mehr, lustig vor mich hin. Lange habe ich mit der Idee gehadert auf Deutsch zu bloggen und es fühlt sich definitiv ziemlich komisch an jetzt nicht auf Englisch zu schreiben. Aber scheiß auf Globalisierung- back to the roots! Nun wird es hier die feinsten sprachlichen Ergüsse auf Deutsch und vielleicht auch auf Englisch geben, nachdem ich sechs Jahre versucht habe auf "international" zu machen. Aber nicht nur hier weht ein neuer Wind, auch ich habe meinen Wohnsitz nach Paris verlagert. Und bevor ich mir noch einen neuen Haarschnitt zu lege, höre ich lieber auf mit den Veränderungen.

french pharmacy.

Everyone should go to City Pharma on Rue Du Fuor in Paris. It’s a treasure box for all skin-care addicts. Your bank account won’t be happy after a visit, but your skin will be.

what's new in.

1. A few years ago everyone was plucking their eyebrows like crazy and now we seek thickness! There are a lot products for brows these days, but eyebrow gel's are definitely not made for me. I think I'm going to stick with the pencil.
2. I tried zillions of skin creams in the last couple of years, but I've finally found the right one for my skin. Avene's Clean-Ac Cream is made for oily skin irritated by driying treatments. The light weight oil free formula mosturizes and soothes the skin. Best purchase of this year!!!
3. I 've been working in the same company for over two years. It's always hard to leave and to start a new adventure, but with this goodbye present I'll keep all the memories and great people I have meet in my heart forever. Ring and necklace by Sabrina Dehoff.
4. Smells good. Period. Bee Natural's Mango lip balm.

eye on: Theo Wenner

Theo Wenner might not be on your radar, but he definitely should be. Not as Miley Cyrus ex-whatever, but as a great fashion photographer. Theo is the son of the Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner and began his career as a model. Despite being only 26 years old, Wenner has already worked with brands, such as Chloe, Opening Ceremony and Diesel and magazines, such as Vogue Paris, Dazed & Confused and British Vogue.

photos via http://twenner.com/

eye on: Isis Salam

Isis Salam is the coolest chic in town. Born in Nigeria, raised in Toronto and now living in Berlin, Isis is a real performer merging her MC skills with electronic music. But don't think this lady is a new kid on the block. Kanye West, Pharrell and Tyree Cooper, just to name a few, are among the artist she has already worked with. For her first release "Let It Go" she has teamed up with the electro duo Kruse & Nuernberg. The track is an ode to 90's disco/house music, but with that certain "you-got-to-show-me-love" feeling. Isis is now a member of the Exploited crew; Berlin's finest hit factory. Stay tuned for more releases!

July 2014 playlist.

1. Oldy but goldy!
2. Soundtrack your next trip to Ibiza. Vario Volinski- Falling In Love With You
3. Freshly squeezed track from Berlin's coolest dj buddies- Nicone and Sascha Braemer released on Dantze.
4. A techno classic: Ben Klock- Subzero
5. Another good release on dantze: Ryan Mathiesen- Nothing new remixed by Nicone.
6. Deep Waters: &ME latest release on Keinemusik After Dark.

10 things you don't want to hear after fashion week.

1. Where are the models!??? Call time was at 7:45 am.
2. I am on the guest list.
3. Berlin is the new New York.
4. I am fashion design student at (please insert random fashion school in Berlin).
5. I am a photographer.
6. Oh, look male models.
7. Do I have to go to a fitting?
8. Berlin has so much potential.
9. Next season I will have a sponsor.
10. OMG, Tilda Swinton is in town.